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Will Amazon Accept Crypto?…And Other Small Business Tech News

By August 1, 2021No Comments

(This article originally appeared on Forbes)

Here are five things in technology that happened this past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?

1 —Amidst varying reports, Amazon denies it’ll accept crypto and Bitcoin swiftly dropped.

This past week, Amazon addressed speculation that it would be accepting Bitcoin by the end of 2021 sharing that the claims were in fact false. The rumors surrounding the tech giant and cryptocurrency started after a job listing for a “Digital Currency and Blockchain Product Lead” was posted last week and caused a surge in Bitcoin to $39,000, which then quickly dropped to less than $37,000 after Amazon’s statement. (Source: TNW)

Why this is important for your business:

The real story is that this is being talked about. Yes, Amazon – like every major ecommerce provider – is regularly evaluating the pros/cons of accepting digital currencies. Yes, they’re denying…for now. But to me it seems inevitable that Amazon will be working with some form of cryptocurrency (perhaps their own?), and when they do many others will follow suit. If your business is in the ecommerce world this will become an important consideration for you as well.

2 — A man used AI to bring back his deceased fiancée. But the creators of the tech warned it could be dangerous and used to spread misinformation.

A man recently shared how he utilized Project December— a software that utilizes AI to make chatbots— to re-create conversations with his fiancée who had passed away. The man simply had to provide some information and old messages and the software was able to accurately imitate his fiancé. The creators of the artificial intelligence software warn that the exact technology could easily be misused to spread misinformation. (Source: Business Insider)

Why this is important for your business:

This is a sad story. But a powerful example of how AI can literally recreate a person’s personality and makes a persuasive argument for how just how powerful this technology will be in the years ahead.

3 —Password management platform 1Password raises $100M as business booms.

1Password— a password management platform—recently raised $100 million. 1Password— which is based in Canada—recently announced several product launches which include a new Linux desktop app and API to help security teams gather cybersecurity data more efficiently. The company plans to use the funding to ensure the continued success it has had in becoming a major player in the $1.3 billion password management space. (Source: Venture Beat)

Why this is important for your business:

There are many password management platforms available for small businesses today and 1Password is among the better candidates. The reason I’m including this story is to remind – and strongly encourage – business owners to subscribe to a password manager service company-wide and require their employees to store their passwords there. The services not only have high encryption but will employees create more complex letter, number and symbol combinations. This is a big step you can take to help reduce data breaches and malware.

4 — These are 7 must-have ergonomic upgrades for your home office, according to CNET.

Tech, culture, and science website CNET recently reviewed the best ergonomic essentials for the home office to help remote workers prevent work-related injuries. The products include an ergonomic keyboard from Microsoft that helps reduce wrist issues, the VicTsing Vertical Ergonomic Wireless Mouse that works with the natural grip of your hand, the highly adjustable Container Store Bungee desk chair, the AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Computer Holder, In-hear headphones from Sony, blue blocking glasses, and an adjustable desk. (Source: CNET)

Why this is important for your business:

Great article, particularly if you or your employees are working from home. You are, right?

5—Pinterest might now be the best place to start a small business.

Pinterest is making it easier to start a business on its platform through a few new features it is rolling out. (Source: The Verge and Tech Radar)

Why this is important for your business:

Creators will now be able to partner with brands on sponsored content and take their Idea Pins and make them shoppable. Additionally, Pinterest will now let creators earn a commission off the products and purchases they help make happen. The drive behind the new tools and changes is to simplify the way people sell items and to streamline buying products and supplies for pinned projects.

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