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“The best business leaders I know are always looking ahead. They are evaluating the political, regulatory and economic events happening now and making investment and spending decisions that will impact their businesses, their employees and their communities in the future.  My job as a keynote speaker is to share with you what they’re doing and what actions you should be taking.”

About Gene: Keynote Speaker and National Business Columnist

As a renowned keynote speaker and national business columnist, Gene speaks at over 70 live events each year. These events range from Fortune 500 sales and corporate events to large association conferences.  Gene’s presentations are not only funny and energetic but also packed with valuable content.

Gene’s Speaking Engagements

Through his keynotes and breakout sessions, Gene helps business owners, executives and senior managers understand the political, economic, operational and technological ISSUES AND TRENDS that will affect their companies. But most importantly, Gene provides the ACTIONS they need to take to continue to grow and build a valuable company.

Background and Experience

Besides his speaking engagements, as a best-selling author, CPA, business owner, and national business columnist for The Hill, The Guardian, Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Chicago Daily Herald, Gene has spent the past 25 years not only running a very successful business but interviewing and speaking with government leaders, business owners and senior managers in many industries.

Role as a Keynote Speaker

His job as a keynote speaker is to be a vessel for your audience, reporting back to them what he’s learning and seeing all across the country so they can walk away with some good, tangible, actionable ways to navigate their companies around the challenges they face as they build value in their organizations.

Insights on Business Challenges

For instance, whether it’s navigating a slow economy, managing through inflation or finding and retaining the best talent, Gene shares what his best clients, readers and business leaders in his community are doing to build value and grow their companies each year.


Tactics and Strategies The Smartest Leaders Are Making To Navigate And Grow in 2024 and 2025

  • A bi-partisan overview of how the 2024 elections will impact your business and your industry; 
  • An update on major legislation, rules and regulations that will impact your operations and workpace and tactics for being in compliance; 
  • A review of little known metrics and the major economic trends that are impacting your business and industry and how to best manuever in the coming months; 
  • Cash flow and operational management strategies and tactics used by the best business leaders to navigate sticky inflation and higher costs; 
  •  Thoughts on AI and other hot technologies that will require your investigation and investment in the coming months; 
  •  Tax moves to take now to lower this significant cost; 
  •  The hottest employee benefits that smart companies are using to attract and retain the best talent. 
  •  Thoughts on succession and estate planning;
  •  …And more. 

Workplace 2024

Retaining and Attracting The Best Talent In a Tight Labor Market

  • The best places to recruit and find new employees;
  • The best technologies for managing the recruitment and selection process;
  • More technologies, platforms and services to help manage and incentivize employees;
  • The hottest benefits and perks employers are offering to attract the best talent;
  • The latest federal and local regulations for ensuring your workplace is compliant;
  • Best practices for having a safe, friendly, diverse and inclusive workplace;
  • …and much more!
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Keynote Speaker and columnist Gene Marks interviewing Interview with Seth Rogan
Keynote Speaker and columnist Gene Marks interviewing Senator Mark Warner
Keynote Speaker and columnist Gene Marks interviewing Interview with Suzanne Somers
Keynote Speaker and columnist Gene Marks interviewing Bethenny Frankel
Daymond John and Keynote Speaker Gene Marks
Keynote Speaker and columnist Gene Marks interviewing Marco Rubio Interview
Keynote Speaker and Columnist Gene Marks' Interview with Senator Grassley
Keynote Speaker and Columnist Gene Marks' Interview with Isiah Thomas
Speaker Gene Marks' Interview with Grant Hill

B est-selling author and a business management speaker at over 70 live events per year — from Fortune 500 sales meetings and corporate groups, to large trade association conferences — Gene’s presentations are funny, energetic, and packed with valuable content.

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