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Gene Marks is a columnist, author, and small business owner.

After working for nine years at KPMG, an international accounting and consulting firm, Gene launched his company The Marks Group PC in 1994. The company has grown to more than ten people and 600 active clients and today sells customer relationship management and other business software and services to small and medium sized companies across the country.

In 2005 Gene began writing about his experiences as a small business owner. Since then, Gene has published six best-selling books on small business management, his latest being the Manufacturer’s Book of Lists which was released near the end of 2013. As his reputation grew, Gene was asked to contribute to other publications and today writes daily for The New York Times and weekly for Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Philadelphia Magazine and Fox Business on small business management, technology and the most significant political, economic, financial and technological trends that affect business management. Gene now appears frequently on Fox News, Fox Business, MSNBC and CNBC to discuss these topics.

As a result, Gene speaks to thousands of business owners working in dozens of industries at their association and trade group meetings throughout the country to help them identify these trends, improve their cash flow and increase their profitability.




"Dear Gene: On behalf of the members of Central Illlinois Builders of AGC, we thank you for participating in our 59th Annual Meeting.  Your presentation about trends affecting businesses in the future was informative and thought inspiring.  Making it even more memorable was your high-energy, rapid-fire delivery.  It was a great keynote presentation for our contractors.  Thank you again for greatly adding to the success of our meeting.  Best wishes to you and your family for the holidays and in 2014."

-Dennis W. Larson, Executive Vice President, Central Illinois Builders of AGC


"Many of our members are small business owners, and their time is easily consumed by short-term issues and planning.  Gene's presentation shed light on the bigger issues that will be critical to their long-term success.  Gene just didn't inform though, he provided actionable steps for each topic discussed.  Our members left with specific items to check out when they returned to their business.  I even caught many attendees taking photos of Gene's slides so they wouldn't forget!"

-Lisa Duval, Education Development Project Manager, Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association


"Hi Gene, Another great presentation!  A full house of compliments from our members.  A complete package of facts, details, and solutions with just the right flavor of humor. Perfect!  ...And you can quote me on this!  Thank you!!! Gary"

-Gary Verhey, Floor Installation Association of North America, Chairman


"Thank you again for the insightful visit this morning at the Iron Horse in Milwaukee.  Your ideas to help my business future made this event one of the best "help now" events that I can remember. I am already sketching out how to flesh out the 'Google-Hangout Video' presentations!"

-Tom Wier, Operations Manager, PDQ Tooling, attendee from U.S. Cellular Salon Breakfast. 


"Gene got really high marks in our convention survey for his presentation on health care.  In a short period of time, he covered a huge amount of material in a way that kept your attention.  He knows how to keep everyone engaged with humor and solid information.  We hope to use him again at future conventions."

-Larry Starkey, 1st Vice President, The Association of Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchisees


"Gene Marks was exceptional!  As our keynote speaker, he was energetic, informative, and entertaining - exactly what are members needed to hear and what our organization needed to present!  We're already talking about having Gene Marks at other events in the future! He is a surefire hit!"

-Ed Shanahan, Manager, Executive Director, Dunkin Donuts Independent Franchise Owners, Inc


Dear Gene, When we first met up in the city and talked a while back you told me - "Barbara, call me, ask me about anything along the way.   Whatever you need of me to make this event great, I'm in."  I listened and have done that multiple times since.  Thank you for going far and beyond and then some.  You have been an absolute inspiration to me on this project.  I've learned a lot.  It's going to be amazing.  See you in New York!  Best, Barbara

-Barbara Hannan, Manager, External Communications, Pitney Bowes


Dear Gene, The Election event that we sponsored was great. You were such a big part of this success.  Thank you so much for being a good friend of Royal Bank America. It was great to have you in this role.  I hope it was good for you and your exposure in the community.  I know it was good for Royal Bank America and our business clients that attended. My best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful conclusion of thhe Fall Season.

-Robert R. Tabas, Chairman & CEO, Royal Bank America


image "Gene Marks was a ball of energy and filled with great bits of information for our group to take back to their businesses. He did an amazing job of talking in detail about both presidential candidates and their proposals without every giving away his personal political leaning. We are a very diverse group and while not talking about the impact of our elections on our economy would be neglectful, it is a very delicate balancing act. Gene performed it perfectly. He was very clear and specific without being biased. He also gave very specific suggestions on how our members can improve their business. Our group has heard a lot of speakers and can be rather jaded, but Gene had them on the edge of their seats taking notes! We look forward to having him speak again very soon!
-- Susannah Porr, Executive Director, National Association of Steel Pipe Distributors


image "Dear Gene: On behalf of the members of WWEMA, I would like to express our sincerest appreciation for your taking time out of your very busy schedule to speak at last week's WWWEMA 39th Washington Forum.  Our members were extremely enlightened by your remarks and insights into the economic and political drivers impacting their business today and into the future.  You have an amazing gift of being able to deliver useful and timely information in a most entertaining fashion.  Needless to say, you were the hit of the Washington Forum.  Our members have already asked if we can get you back on the program again. Thank you, once again, for joining us and helping to make our event a complete success!"
-- Dawn Kristof Champney, President, Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association


image "Our thanks to Gene for delivering to our customers information about the economy, the business challenges and opportunities we are facing, and trends that will impact their small businesses! We've had many positive comments about his analysis and opinions. It's great when customers can walk away from an event with a practical set of tools to help them with their daily operations, and ways to analyze what's really happening out there."
--John Evans, Infinity for Marvin, Marketing Manager


image "He simply rocked! ."
-- Ramon Ray, Small Business Summit 2009, Conference Organizer


image  "It is a challenge to find great speakers that engage and excite our audience, but we hit the jackpot with Gene Marks. The information he presented resonated with our contractors and the comments I received were glowing!  It was a professional experience working with both Gene and his staff in preparation for our event"

--Liz Evans, Associated General Contractors of Washington


image  "Pest Management Professionals enjoyed the presentation by Gene Marks at the recent Florida Pest and Lawn Care Expo - they valued the insights and benchmarks to hit in the coming year that were immersed in personal and humorous anecdotes...they would welcome Gene back anytime, to follow up on his predictions and prepare for future economic conditions!"

--Allen Fugler, Jr, Executive Vice President, Florida Pest Management Association


image  "Gene's presentation was erudite, conscise, humorous, topical and extraordinarily relevant to today's economy.  Gene Marks' remarks held everyone's attention and wanting more!"

--Douglass G. Hoffman, CPM, President, BPG Management Company, Attendee from BOMA Philadelphia Luncheon


image  "I learned more in the 45 minutes of listening to Gene than I did in 4 years of college!"

--Attendee of The Running Event


image  "Best session of the day!!"

--Feedback from Attendee of The Financial Accounting & Reporting Conference


image  "Excellent presentation - Consider giving him longer time slot."

--Feedback from Attendee of The Financial Accounting & Reporting Conference


image  "Gene was terrific and very well-received by our members.  He was professional, topical, energetic, and engaging. I can't say enough good things.

--Matt Rumbaugh,  Senior Manager, Education and Training, Window and Door Dealer's Alliance


image  "Gene's presentation struck the perfect balance of smart, sensible and humorous.  He was a big hit with our attendees and we'll definitely look to bring him back to a future convention."

--Carole Damon, Executive Director, Tile Contractors' Association of America


image  "On behalf of the members of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, I want to thank you for participating in KCMA's Management Conference and Exposition in Minneapolis, MN.  Your presentation was well-received and contributed to the succcess of the program!"

--C. Richard Titus, Executive Vice President, Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association


image  "Gene Marks is incredibly insightful when it comes to the issues small business owners face.  We invite him quite frequently to be a guest on "Your Business" because not only does he have a deep knowledge of the subject, but he's able to communicate what he knows in a way that everyone can understand and relate to."

--JJ Ramberg, Host, MSNBC


image "Dear Gene: On behalf of The National Advisory Council of Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International, I would like to express my sincerest thanks for your willingness to share your insights and knowledge with us.  Your presence at our NAC Spring Conference, certainly helped to make the gathering an absolute success.  Your portion of the program received very favorable reviews from our members.  We enjoyed it! Hope our paths cross again soon!

--Karen W. Penafiel, CAE, VicePresident, Advocay, BOMA International


image " Gene, you set a terrific tone for the entire meeting with your presentation.  Thank you for the insights and material, and especially for all the resources you cited as people took furious notes.  It was a pleasure getting to know you a bit and I look forward to hearing you again."

--Henry Chamberlain, APR, CAE, President and COO, BOMA International


image "Dear Gene: Thank you for an outstanding presentation at our convention!  Our attendees reported they thoroughly enjoyed and gained significan insight of relevance to their business.  The myriad of topics you covered were right on target for their concerns and interests.  On behalf of all IWPA members,  I want to thank you again for your memorable presentation. 

--Brent McClendon, Executive VP, International Wood Products Association


image " Dear Gene: On Behalf of the membership, I would like to thank you for your presentation at our Annual Meeting.  The members rated your presentation as "excellent."  It was especially interesting to hear your suggestions on which market indices to follow, and your explanation of "The Cloud," was insightful.  I hope you enjoyed your stay at the Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort.  Thanks again for an informative, entertaining presentation!

--Kristine Garland, Executive Vice President, The Composite Can & Tube Institute


image " Gene expertly translated today's economic and business trends into everday language and applications that helped our members answe the question, "So what does this mean for me?"  It was a pleasure to work with someone who showed a genuine interest in our group ad in making sure his presentation was informative, relevant, and delivered with a generous dose of humor.  He said his goal was to make sure every person in our group left with at least one new idea to help make their business more profitable in the coming year - and he more than deliverered.  I was stopped over and over again by attendees who said, "What a great speaker."
-- Betsy McGill , Executive Director, Florida Sod Growers Cooperative


image " Gene did a superlative job and our members appreciated hearing his perspective. As a businessman, he fit right in with the general temperament of the crowd, yet was both open and objective to differing aspects of political and economic realities.  His speaking style is also great; he's casual, yet to the point and is able to create a positive rapport with his audiences.  Gene's presentation hit the mark and was a great lead in to our annual presentation by our economist..."
-- W. Randall Rawson , President/Chief Executive Officer, American Boiler Manufacturers Association


image " I am a professional speaker and I hire them for my private seminars for Entrepreneurs.  I think I know a good speaker when I see one and Gene Marks is quite a talent.  If you are looking for someone to give your audience great tips and ideas they can use immediately, hire Gene. He's funny, relevant, and smart.  My audience loved him and requested we bring him back. So, we're doing that.  Hire Gene, he'll hit the Mark! (pardon the pun)."
-- Marty Grunder , President and CEO, Grunder Landscaping Company


 image  " Gene blew our group away with his innovative presentation. Attendees came away with great information on how they can stand out in their industry by using social networking and the latest innovations to their advantage.  Gene's presentation was timely and included key economic indicators worth tracking to drive business decisions.  Gene's energy is contagious and sincere, his desire to invigorate business owners to stand out in the current economic situation was enlightening!
-- Joan Haller , Director of Education and Events, PLANET Professional Landcare Network


image "I wanted to thank you for two terrific presentations at our recent Power Meeting in Colorado Springs, CO.  Your topics on, "Why the Financial Crisis Will Be A GOOD Thing For Business Owners" and "50 Ways To Cut Costs and Build Profits" were very timely for our members.  Your information was very important for them to hear and had a positive effect.  We needed that after all the negative news about the economy in the press..."
-- Charlie Wallace , Executive Director, Quality Service Contractors


image "One behalf of the Women of Wit and Wisdom, many thanks for your engaging and informative presentation.  Your passion for the subject of helping small business owners make the most of every dollar and your extensive knowledge of tips, web sites, and tools to help businesses grow was a HUGE hit with our attendees.  Everyone is anxious to receive your white paper to start testing some of your recommendations"

--Suzanne C. Pine, Co-Chair, Women of Wit and Wisdom.


image "Thanks again for an awesome presentation.  The initial feedback from the audience today was excellent. On our surveys, a constant request from our members and guests is - in addition to the 10, 000 foot concepts - practical information that they can implement immediately.  Your presentation fulfilled those requests perfectly. "

--Mark Kennedy , Director, Sales & Marketing Professional Association SMEI Baltimore/Washington D.C.


image "Gene, I wanted to say thank you for speaking at our Spring PBES Conference in Phoenix. Loved the material and thinking through the issues. Thank you for making our conference a success."

--Travis Trott, VP Supply Chain & Logistics at FinishMaster and Committee Chairman for The Paint, Body, & Equipment Specialists (PBES)



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