You've read Gene's books. You love Gene's Forbes and Huffington Post columns. Maybe you've even heard Gene speak to your group. Or seen him on TV. Now you can have Gene himself analyze your company and make at least ten specific, tailored recommendations (including how to implement) for increasing your cash flow this year.


Gene Marks

This is not a long term arrangement — just a day. It's personal. It's tailored. It's about your business. And how you can increase cash flow.


Gene will visit your company, meet you and your key people, review your operations, take a look at your technology, peruse your website, read your general ledger (ugh), and walk through how you get, service and keep your customers happy. From lead to cash receipt. He'll look at where and how you buy stuff, how you manage your inventory and how you keep your employees productive.


And then Gene will deliver to you his written report of recommendations. At least ten. Probably more. He'll be available to discuss them with you for up to 60 days after his visit.


All for a low fixed price. No strings. If you like his recommendations you pay. If you don't, then you don't pay. Period.


"I can only do this for about five clients a month," says Gene. "But it's always fun. And it's always productive. My clients get my concrete suggestions for products, services, websites, technologies, tools, procedures and processes that I've come to know from working with , speaking to and writing about thousands of other business owners."


This is a no-risk thing. Gene's so confident that he can help his clients make more money that he will refuse payment unless you're 100% satisfied with his recommendations.


So why wait? If you're interested, please e-mail Caryn. You should be making more money this year. Right?



hire gene to visit your company...

"I never knew I was spending so much on printer ink!  Gene showed me ways to reduce my printer ink usage by more than 50%.  We're saving thousands each year."
— A manufacturer in Pennsylvania

"I never knew the key metrics in my business. Gene recommended a simple system so that I knew my cash, job profitability and overtime hours each morning."
— An architect in Missouri

"I never knew that owning a timeshare could actually bring in more business and keep my people more productive. Gene explained how."
— A landscaper in Florida

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